Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The last few months I have been so overwhelmed with one thought. I think it has something to do with going through a major life event. . . It creeps in and out of my days as I remember years gone by. It washes over me like a wave when I'm driving down the road, swimming in my memories. By the end of my amazingly quick weekend trip down to San Marcos to celebrate Matt McCoy (and the fact that he turned 30) this weekend, I was convinced that my musings over the last few months are true:

Somehow, I was given this most wonderful treasure:
I know the most beautiful people. And they call me "friend".

Amazing. Gifted. Entertaining. Intellectual. Gifted. Convicting. Well-read or well-traveled. Engaging. Hilarious. Gorgeous. Strong. Admirable. THESE ARE MY FRIENDS! And I love them. And I am thankful. And my heart is filled with inexpressible respect and gratitude when I think of them each by name with their own unique presence. To be with my friends makes me rich. Richer then owning land or a Lexus. To visit with friends gives me joy and gives me Jesus in a way I can receive and be filled and even rest in their midst.

Beautiful, I tell you. No other word can describe. . .