Sunday, August 26, 2007


i have been unplugged.
since july 15th in wichita, kansas i have been unplugged from the cyber world as we know it. i've missed a gazillion emails and one scheduled credit card payment, but other than that my unpluggedness has gone just fine. (the credit card people, by the way, really don't mind when you are 11 days late. they simply charge you an extra fee and call it "even". isn't that nice?) and the friend-people who don't get their mass e-mail update or their pithy comments (or their heartfelt blurbs via the internet) don't even charge for the long silences. at least not very much. it is true, some cmay harge extra hugs upon your return or punish by sullen faces and eeyore phone conversations, but most passionately embrace you when they finally see you or at least you can hear their happy grins over the telephone as you talk. don't you love that? when you can HEAR that someone is smiling? i think it's my favorite.

so now, i'm briefly plugged in. saying hello and i love you to all two of the folks who read this blog. i am alive and still in california. working here and there at odd jobs. i should get new tires on the car monday or tuesday and be on the road by thursday. it's a bit of a cross-your-fingers and say-lots-of-prayers scenario. i think i'm texas bound by the end of the week. and coming back will fill my heart with joy.

that is all i have to say!