Thursday, May 31, 2007

the body of Christ

I have not posted for sometime now. Much has happened. More than words can describe. My heart burns for Jesus more today than it did two months ago. . .more than it did yesterday. I can't boil down the experiences of my life into palatable blog statements, but still I want to be part of a larger conversation about learning what it means to live a simple life.

What does that mean to me?
The LORD comes first. My relationship with Jesus Christ is paramount. Loving him, spending time with him is more important than anything else. Every action that I take should come out of my knowledge of who God is and how he would respond. (and I should respond like my Lord would respond to any situation.)

Relationships are significant. PEOPLE are significant. Not because of all that they have or lack, but because they are designed by God- the greatest resource on earth (& in many cases, the carriers of this Holy Spirit that I love so much). And I need to love them. Of significance: I experience Christ by living in community with others who believe that Jesus is Lord.

Everything else is peripheral at the moment. I'm just pressing in to try and understand what the world, as a whole, has given up on: God & meaningful interaction with other people.

This is key to the simple life. This is key to following Jesus.

And so I close this post knowing that I will soon write more. (& knowing that though I may not see my dear brother Miller Talbot for a good while, he did a good thing to say GET BACK TO WRITING. . . WE NEED TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.) I'll try to be more diligent to steal away little moments on borrowed computers until I get my very own!