Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i figured something out

or at least I'm figuring something out. . .

It's more important to "be" than to "do".

Monday, June 12, 2006


I'm taking tennis lessons. At first, I didn't want to tell anyone for fear that I would begin only to quit within the first four week session. But I didn't quit. I wanted to many times -- for all that know me are aware that visions of athleticism are not conjured upon thinking of me. Ha! So I'm taking tennis. We've got a class through the park & rec here in Denton that makes lessons very affordable. (so affordable you would all be jealous if I told you JUST HOW MUCH or shall I say LITTLE? they run) Classes are twice a week for an hour with two instructors amongst the group. The first group I was in had 6 faithful members. The second group waivered around 8. This new group is ranging b/w 10 & 11, but it's still too soon to tell since we've just begun the second week. The faint of heart will soon drop out as the temperatures soar into the high 90's and embarrassment rises in the weak as their lack of ability becomes obvious to the "adult beginners" throng. But not me. I stink and I'm sticking with it! 3 months strong and I haven't quit yet. 3 months strong and I'm still in the "adult beginners" class. 3 months strong and I picked up a weekly private lesson with another three-time "beginner" girl so that we can try to progress to the coveted "adult advanced beginners" class. The time will soon come. I'm even thinking about investing in bona fide "tennis" shoes and a racquet (other than the free one issued upon beginning my phenomenal athletic career late in my 28th year). I appreciate tennis more now then ever before. Determination. Discipline. Consistency. Lots of laughter. This is what tennis has been teaching me. To persevere and learn to laugh at myself (A LOT).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

so what did you do this weekend?

It seems that a world is in motion that never crosses in front of me. I was reminded of this through the simple question asked to me on Monday, "So, what did you do this weekend?" One had gone to the bar to hang out with "friends" and watch the Mavs as they head higher into the finals. One had gone to Dallas to hang out with his girlfriend. And there were movies and many other exciting happenings that the weekend held for those around me.
What did I do? I worked! . . .picked up a little job doing event planning. . .an "after party" for 150 in attendance at a children's musical. Exciting? Maybe not for anyone else, but I had a blast! I went shopping. . . I ordered food and flowers and cake and made 20 personalized gift bags and searched the internet for coveted acorns. . . then executed the event-- all in all a 25 hour endeavor (and I got PAID!) And then I was very tired and slept well, though not long enough. And THAT was my weekend.