Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a new home.

Some have heard my recent news of moving across the United States and others, well. . . have not. That mostly has to do with my whirlwind schedule, a broken telephone, and other excuses I will not write that break down to my lack of communication. Sincerely, I'm sorry for jumping off of the map, but I do hope my more frequent communications will make up for my past lack.

So where am I and what am I doing? Wow. Where do I start!? This summer, I joined TheCause USA (a non-profit ministry) on their God's Summer of Love Tour. After the tour's end, I was able to stay with my family (mom & sister, specifically) for two weeks of visiting, working, loving, and praying about what to do next. My decision at the end of August was clear: I was moving to Fort Mill, South Carolina to go on staff with TheCause. And, after many adventures, here I am. . . sitting at my desk in my little office (or cubby hole, whichever you prefer to call it) typing a little email.

I will now attempt to attach a few pictures from "the base" as we call our little gathering of office, prayer room/kitchen/common area, and cabins. More pictures will definitely follow, I just wanted to get back on the map.

Here is the cabin that i live in (decorated for fall!). Right now there are four girls living there, but we have room for six or seven living "Cause" style (you got it. . .crammed in like sardines.)
Enter our little cabin. Here's the view of the kitchen. Above you can see a peak into the loft area where I live. But no pictures of that today, because it's messy.

Here's the view from standing in my front door. Our little pond is quite low since we are in drought, but I'm still thankful for it. The ducks on the pond (hiding because of the picture) makes lots of noise and make me laugh.
This pic is taken from my front porch. Not ten steps away is the entrance to our big common building where we spend most of our time. (We being TheCause community at large.) This is the building we cook in for nighlty meals. We eat here and our little prayer room (where the bulk of the activity really happens) is also in this building. More pictures of the inside as soon as I take some.
And here's one cheesy picture of yours truly and my friend Matthew. I met Matthew this summer when he was on the prayer team that I led. We now lead a prayer set together (which is an awesome responsibility!) as well as work on the event planning team with two others. I'll have to write more about all of that later.

So this will conclude my entry for the day. Hope it gives you a little glimpse into where I am and what I'm doing. I'll definitely expand more later. But for now, please know I love you all and need your prayers!