Thursday, June 07, 2007

unlocking genius.

excerpted from my new moleskin:
blake smith says that he believes everyone is a genius.

i think he's on to something.

inside EVERY person are ideas, longings, plans. . .
creativity, factual data. . .
the ABILITY to solve the world's problems, inspire, create, SHARE their genius.

how do i unlock the genius in me?
how do i unlock the genius in others?

everyone needs to know this!

i want this genius to be revealed. . . uncovered. . . FOUND!

(so my world has been rocked for a week or more milling this idea over & over in my head. i don't have the answers. i mean, i might have a few keys to the unlocking. but i feel the first freedom was found simply in pondering this idea. and now the test. . . let's all walk in to our creative destinies! genius, i say! YOU'RE A GENIUS!)