Thursday, May 15, 2008

news from california

though home is right outside of charlotte, i don't often find myself with computer access to write little updates. so, a little time in california affords me the opportunity to update.

first, what brings me to california? my sweet sister Mary had to have surgery to take her tonsils out. (not too bad if you're a ten year-old, but a rather painful process if you're in your 30's!) she's been quite a trooper. the doctor says pain should subside after about 10 days. on day 7, i'm hoping she gets some relief, because it hasn't happened yet!

life continues on from my little cabin in fort mill. the last weeks found us doing two fundraisers to try and supplement a ministry income that is solely funded by donation. the work: picking up trash -- mainly beer cans and cigarette butts at NASCAR events in talladega, alabama and darlington, south carolina. lots of folks have turned their noses up at the idea of doing such a task and honestly, i can think of other ways that i'd like to spend my time, but i've learned a greater lesson in the midst of it all. the Lord is seeking from his people a simple thing. . . a willing heart. when my leader comes and asks for my help, the proper response is a willing heart. that and a good dose of humility will go a long way in serving. (and that way the bills get paid, too.)

i'm overdue to write more in depth about what is going on in fort mill and in my own life, but i'll have to save that for another day. for now, i'll go check on my sweet sister and see how she is doing.