Saturday, October 11, 2008

where in the world?

It seems that California affords me time to think and write and pray. How is it that the bustling state that causes everyone else to speed through life brings me to a standstill? Reminds me of an old hymn. . . "God moves in a mysterious way."

For those who have not heard, I have recently finished up my ministry stint in Fort Mill and have moved back "home" to California. My mom has graciously ASKED me to come and stay a while. It has been good and strange and surreal all rolled up into one. After 13 years away, the city has changed. More than that, 13 years have changed me considerably!

The current plan is this: After the "dream job" position I was interviewing for was cut for financial reasons, I decided to pursue something else. Now if only I can figure out what that will be! I immediately started searching for a new job, but have been dissatisfied in the results.What I have concluded is this: the job I interviewed for was not the answer to my prayers. I believe there is something better. . . greater out there ahead of me than what I could have experienced in another job. I choose to believe that a person can ENJOY the work they do. Either the Lord will supply me with a job like this or give me an opportunity to share my passion for life in another way. I have managed to stay busy with projects around the house. (Working on organizing things for my sister has become a blessing so that I'm not idle!) Reading and visiting places I used to go has also been good. The last couple of days have been filled with memories of Thousand Oaks and my dad. (For those of you who don't know, he passed away years ago.) This has been a good time. I've also been doing a little research and hope to take a silent "listening" retreat within the next couple of weeks so that I can make some more life decisions with the Lord!

Among other plans, Saturday will be filled with errands, and cleaning out family storage units. Sunday I'll drive down to San Diego and spend a few days with my Papaw. He is having minor surgery Monday and deserves a little TLC from a lady of the family! I'll come back mid-week and spend a week or so doing projects. October 23rd weekend will find me off for a girl's trip with my sister and mom and some dear friends in honor of Mary's birthday to Las Vegas. (The prayer retreat will have to sneak in before or after that little adventure. )

Last but not least, here is a fairly recent picture. Taken on the day of my birth, July 7th. Shared for the sake of nostalgia (as I said goodbye to my friend Michelle in Fort Mill and many others) and to break the monotony of an all text entry.

Much love from your California girl.