Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, I was actually sitting in the prayer room yesterday spending some time with the Lord when this random thought came and swept right through my brain. I said I was going to post pics of the nephews from the holidays. And I haven't yet. So now I am (because I want to be a woman of my word!)

These little guys are awesome! They were my entertainment for the few short days I had with my family over the holiday. Malachi's the younger one. As he has started talking, we're having great one word conversations.

Benjamin is the older brother. Totally awesome, he came make up stories and songs with the best of them. Which is exactly what we did while "Aunt Mary" built marble slides & we all played cars. If you ever meet Ben, you'll be drawn right into conversation. He has one of the best vocabulary's of any pre-K kid you'll ever meet. (No joke!) Definitely a little man, I think he may enjoy talking to adults just as much as the little people his own age.

Now I've kept my word and posted the pics.

Aah. . . this feels good.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I always love to see and hear how you are. Keep blogging!!