Sunday, December 20, 2009


could it be that doing insignificant things over and over again becomes significant?

brushing my teeth doesn't seem that exciting, but i have a healthy (relatively!) smile and all of my teeth because of it. this is more than can be said for many nations where simple hygiene is not practiced. . .
and making a 1000 mile trips seems down right mundane when you are on mile marker 263 or 874. . .but all of the miles add up to the appointed destination of success! or journey complete.

the truth is i'm at that hard place where what i do today does not seem "significant" - doesn't overwhelm me with the adventure i dream of or the point to the gratification of my spirit and soul. . .

but it must have purpose. every little step, every detour, every moment of the mundane adds up to something greater that i must hold on for.

for there are thousands upon thousands of prayers that are prayed,
and there is one prayer that tips the bowl.

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